Truck Driver Jobs - Non-Traditional Recruits Sought For Truck Driving Jobs

For many of the nation’s largest trucking companies, decreasing turnover and keeping truck drivers is a primary ingredient to remaining profitable. Class a truck driving jobs is the tightest it’s been in 20 decades, and the turnover rate at large trucking companies exceeds 100%, according to the American Trucking Association.
Recent figures indicate the long-haul section of the trucking business has a national shortage of 20,000 drivers. It predicts the deficit will increase to 111,000 by the year 2014 given the current demographic trends. A serious shortage of drivers could hurt the U.S. market. Trucks carry greater than 75 percent of domestic products we consume on a daily basis, and without enough well trained truck drivers to haul the country’s goods, customers will be subject to unexpected delays on these items they both want and need. And if the supply/demand ration continues to cause an ongoing shortage, reimbursement will continue to climb to locate and maintain good truck driver gift. As a result, we will all see higher prices in everything we buy.
The trucking industry acknowledges it’s a critical problem and has been focusing on new, innovative recruiting strategies to enhance the levels of CDL truck driver applicants, and recruit new people into the sector that keeps our national economy moving. Girls are possibly the fastest-growing group in the field. Since 2002, when only 5 percent of the countries truck driving jobs were filled by women, many nationally known truck driving schools are experiencing a 50% growth rate in the number of female applicants when compared with men applying for the very same positions.
Another employment pool market that being tapped into to fill some of the truck driver deficit gap are former factory workers. There are now 2.7 million fewer manufacturing jobs in the USA than there were 10 years ago. With factories expected to do little hiring in coming years, many former workers are seeking a new profession. Truck driving jobs provide these frequently displaced employees an opportunity to start a brand new, productive livelihood.
Often times, People with the ability to retire in 20-25 year professions in manufacturing often make the most of financial aid programs provided by the government. The most important thing is that the government supplies displaced workers with tuition and free cdl training school opportunities. This is a gold labour pool for trucking businesses as many of these new discovered recruits are dependable, trustworthy and often times in rather good health.
Minorities also have become a favorite recruiting goal for trucking businesses. Well organized programs are producing strong results. One recent training program sponsored by a Latino community organization tracked their results and found 70% of those 50 students who attended those classes found CDL truck driving jobs earning average yearly reimbursement of $47,580.